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Black Edition and White Edition Campaigns

Jaguar Black Edition is a trimline available for all jaguar models which got promoted with this key visual. The backplate was shot at our Frankfurt office by Robert Skazel, all cars in different range positions were rendered in VRED and can be combined to ranges in a modular way.

Additionally I rendered two Packshots for TV commercials accompanying the campaign.

After the project was finished, dieselgate took up and Jaguar decided that black cars might asocciate badly with grime exhaust fumes. So 6 months later we faced the task to rework all artwork to match the new upcoming 'White Edition'. To prevent reshooting and  rerendering, we pretty well came away with just  rerendering one new white-laquer base layer per car and reuse all reflection passes in Post.

Photography - Robert Skazel

CGI - Peter Rech

Post Production - Ralph Hillert

Autodesk VRED Pro


JLR Packshot FPace

JLR Packshot FPace