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Web Configurator

The long-term project I was responsible for as 3D Lead Artist at 3D Excite. The main focus was on conducting and constantly improving an optimized CGI production workflow for the layer-based Audi Web Configurator.

The demands of this full options configurator, which visualized every detail in exterior and interior down to specific button icons, inherited a very high model complexity, which resulted in footage sets of up to 1,000 layers per individual shot.

Consistant development work on the ongoing production pipeline included implementing techniques as passes-based carpaint definition in post and z-pass masking for specific assets, which resulted in a downscale of production costs to around 50-60%.


  • leading a team of 6 artists

  • production pipeline development

  • custom tools concepts

  • technical consultation

  • production management

  • light setups

3D Excite DeltaGen




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